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Saker min fru gillar

Kategori: Kåsbås

Analsex analsex analsex!

Vad är hon?

Kategori: Allmänt

En död flicka i mitt knä.
En blek flicka i mitt knä.

En het romans.
En kollision mellan hat och kärlek.
En karl i svart.
En som kanske köper.

Bastards of state

Kategori: Poems

I cut my wrist in hope for you to love me.
I drink my drink in hope that I will be better then I am.
I abuse my soul in memory of God.
I hit the ego of one "alive" for the cause of blood.

The time turns o'clockwise to the rumba of the lingering dead.
The moon goes around a another lap to cry again for you.
The bleedingin the gutter cry for mommy.
The stabbing knives of look-a-like angels burn through the back of a baby.

And as I turn the page of the paper I die.
And as I turn the page of the paper I cry.
And as I turn the page  the paper that lie.
And as I turn the page of the paper that lie I sigh for you.

Disease of head of.
Disease for me and for the dead.
Disease for the stars up above.
Disease for cupboards, lies and line singing Celeb the clubber.

Bring me back to warm arms.
Bring me home to sweet and sour felt.
Bring me to the stars.
Bring me to a hospital and blow out the candle.

Peace by peace I fade in to a memory.
Peace of blankness.
Peace of child.
Peace of victimized and horny kid.

I can't look you in to your eyes and tell you that I will be alright.
I can't break your neck even if I wanted to.
I can't cry.
I can't lie... anymore.

So this is what I tell you.
So this is what I wright to you.
So the truth is for you to see.
So be gone oh god all mighty.