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Embryo tar.

Kategori: Poems

An embryo covers the light causing eclipse of the sun and darkness of the heart. A piece of tar flies bye saluting the sky and in a desolate part of the blue star a heart I caught in the fisherman's net. A king is betrayed in the land of regret and is told to forget the sun he ones saw in the morning barrel of a Christmas carol gun. The embryo sets sail to the outer space to discover his wail isn't heard from the seas of earth any more. But the green growing forest with the red cigar smoke ceases the moment and closes the door for our sheep. On and over our ocean sails the sailor but then falls asleep dreaming a dream on the radio.

The tar now falls to the ground beaten by steam from a beating heart soaked in cold water to cool. It falls on throne were a king once sat with his daughter in his lap of luxurious fool. An embryos quiet crying awakens the sailor who has dropped anchor in a forest of smoking cigars and the trees falls over a castle and over the stars. The sheep walks out of the ruins and feels the morning breeze and hears the talking of walking on the sailboats radio. In his mouth he carry's the embryo covered in tar and dragging a boat from afar with a piece of a throne feeling alone. He drop's the embryo and tar to the green grass scar and licks it to life rife with corruption. Then the embryo flies of to the young lovers heart to char...

100 Acre Wood

Kategori: Poems

Sick and twisted, week and pale.
Hairless, boneless and female.
Far away in airless country,
Hanging from a lonely tree.

A blond and breathless little girl.
With a golden, long and curly curl.
Her hands are tied, her feet's are to.
Raped and enjoyed by Winni the Pooh.

The panties lay there red and broken.
Left there as a "thank you" token.
The little girls maidenhead is taken.
Winnie The Pooh enjoyed his "eggs and bacon".

It all began at her birthday party.
Her parents had arranged so harty.
At the last gift to be opened.
They all later wished it had stayed unopened.

Out of the box jumped Winni The Pooh.
Still no one had a clue.
But when the grass smelled thunder.
They all started to wonder.

The virgin girl later woke up in the back of a van.
Her hands hurt like fire and her hair smelled like man.
Suddenly the van stood still.
And the girl felt a chill.

She later woke up in a desert bush.
Numb in her head and not feeling her tush.
The desert was dry and the sky was blue.
And in between her legs was Winni The Pooh.

Now the rest, you can figure it out.
Didn't end good, there is no doubt.
But one thing is certain and true.
Winnie The Pooh was hung like with a giant timber bamboo.

Marry maiden.

Kategori: Poems

Sleeping on a cloud so high
Floating in the evening sky.
Dreaming, thinking, looking.
Looking for the source of talking.

Giving bread to a unicorn.
Watching as a baby´s born.
Drinking tea in autumn garden.
Blink until the sun seams harden.

Dive into a pool of colour.
Looking for a world of dollar.
Hold your breath in silent vacuum.
Close your eyes in to high volume.

See a fish in driest desert.
Flying fish and frozen yoghurt.
Being dead for several hours.
Is the fish that wasn't ours.

Now what's the time?
We got to go.
Oh no, oh no.