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Lucy In The Jail With Rapists.

Kategori: Poems

Lucy in the jail with rapists.
She sang and played guitar.
She mingled with the burglars and racists.
And once she tried to run be she did not get far.

Her mother always told her: "Lucy, get down from the pie."
But Lucy fell of the wagon.
She found some drugs to buy.
So she did and puffed the magic dragon.

But the dealer was a cop who knew her mother.
So he told her and her mother told him to take her to jail.
In jail she cried a bit and called her brother.
But her brother was in the ground with Tooker the snail.

Now Lucy lies in her bunker bed.
Drawing lines up on the walls.
Next to her lies "Shred and dead Fred"
Playing with his balls.

Effervescing rhymes and poems.

Kategori: Poems

Sing me a song but don't get it wrong.
Because then I will chop of your head.
And then you will be dead.
So please sing me a song.

Wave your arms up in the air.
Join the army to kill.
It´s a thrill, or so I've heard.
But hey, life isn't fair.

Lucy, get down from the pie.
Lucy, fell of the wagon.
Lucy, puffed the magic dragon.
Lucy, considered to buy.

But the dealer was a cop.
And he busted her butt.
For a share of the cut.
Chop, chop, chop to a stop.

Darwin made a monkey evolve.
And nuked the riselands.
Radiating badlands.
One less problem left to solve.

Death and this and that and thus.
They made her wear a dress.
And thus the cake they make became a mess.
So the monkey took the bus.

Sadly but true, I tell you.
The lucky ones are asleep.
Deep, deep, deep.
Maybe one, maybe two.

How do you know that I´m sane.
When you're most allure.
Dressed in fur.
I penetrate my thickest vein.

HA HA HA, laughed the clouds.
As the sun strangled of space.
Killed his mother in disgrace.
In the cheering of crowds.

Effervescing rhymes and poems.
In the shadow of night.
With words shining bright.
And monkeys drinking jeroboams.

You did not!?

Kategori: Kåsbås

I nuked the kindergarten.
I nuked your baby's ass.
And afterwards I masturbated in the ashes.
Of your nuked-baby-asses.

I burned down the rainforest.
I burned down all the oxygen of the world.
And afterwards I forced my self on a native women.
In your burned down oxygen-providing-forest.

I urinated in the corral reef.
I peed all over the cute little fishes.
And afterwards I took a dump.
In your f.c.u.k-ing corral-thingy-reef.

I gutted up a wale and ate its baby.
I gutted up a wale and had sex with its intestines.
And afterwards I sold it to the Japanese.
Who paid me standing on their knees.

I started my car and never went anywhere.
I just stood there killing all the flowers.
And I loved it so!
So I did it the next day as well as the next.

I stole from a homeless child.
I took his cloths and tincans.
And I think I cried.
So I smashed him in his head with a shovel and laughed out loud.

Death, death, death and Winnie The Pooh.