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A Sheep and his lady.

Kategori: Poems

The sheep so neatly sits beneath his sun.
Thinking happy thoughts of lust and love.
Laughing quiet to a pun.
While the clouds so neatly sail above.

No concerns, no not at all.
Smiling wide from ear to ear.
A ladybird so sweet begins to crawl.
But no, the sheep, our friend, he do not hear.

In his world, within his head.
The grass is always green and night is not a word.
To our sheep the world is just a comfortable bed.
With the flickering dawn and the song of bird.

The ladybird, now tired to her death.
Lay her legs down in sheeps so fluffy wool.
Draws, with shivering hands, the baby's breath.
Close her eyes and fold her hands to obay the golden rule.

Let one's heart rule one's head.
And treat no different than you expect.
The sheep in good and lady dead.
Thats love, thats respect.

Sweeter then ammonia.

Kategori: Poems

Hidden deep beneath the sacret ground.
Embedded in soil, hidden from time.
Following the movement of Tellus turning, round, round, round.
Never to be seen, its an holy crime.

The smell of conscience tickles my nose.
As my senses bloom and brag
Like the spring flower or the nagging rose.
But buried and hidden like a simple lag.

My pain imploring for aid during night.
The gods twisting and turning their heads.
As i obaid, doing it right.
But with no hope, they died in their beds.

Laid to rest, laid so sleep.
Died by the kneeling spirit of hope.
With joy within so deep so deep.
But sadly not happy screaming:  "There are no rope"
To hang the hope, but just enough to smile, to cope.

The toomb i now opened was pouring out sin.
Sailing down the river to hell.
As before safe but now hunted by the ghost of Rin Tin Tin.
At the end the last and tallest of waterfalls fell.

My boat so heavenly made out of heavenly wood.
Came crashing down the mountain wall.
I tried, i did, so hard i could.
But it didn´t help me at all and it didn´t stop the fall, no not at all.

As life flew by and thougts turnd away.
I opened my eyes and i smiled.
The end is now, the end is today.
But i realized, the conscience lied.

Sug och svälj.

Kategori: Dikter

Outfodrad häst betar på som bäst.
Ovetandes, påbetandes, förbisedd.
Ovilja att dö, stark är denna best.
Mörkret faller och stjärnor tänds.
Hästen in i stallet blir ledd.

Bondfru med sin stora aptit traskar fram och tillbaka, hit och dit.
Fram till hästen hon går och då bättre hon mår.
Går ned på knä, ser mellan hästens ben, ja där ligger bonden i lä.

Med sina fingrar fem greppar hästens hårda lem.
Med snabba drag, ja det tar ej ett tag.
Innan hästen, över bondfrun så späd, spiller din varma säd.

Bondfru gränsle står under hästens varma buk.
Varm och het som om hon vore sjuk.
Hennes underliv det savar, över tröskeln bonden snavar.
När han får se, ack och ve, hur hans fru med rumpan bar.
Skriker ut "jag är färdig, jag kommer, jag är klar"

Hästen gnäggar belåtet och bonden gråter över uppsåtet.
Men frun tröstar och smeker, ja med bondens kuk hon leker.
Han blir glad igen, men...
På natten då han sover sött, smyger frun ut för att bakifrån bli stött.